Digital Workshops work with a local company, Vostel, to supply and support their #HashKey cloud based telephone systems.

A hosted telephone system provides the full range of facilities of a traditional fixed line telephone system - flexible call groups, calls on hold, multiple incoming and outgoing calls, call transfers to internal and external numbers, music or announcements for callers on hold, call diversion, caller ID - as well as many features only found on top-of-the-range systems such as voice mail for individuals and groups, voice mail to email, call recording, multiple party conference calls, call routing on caller ID and multiple outgoing announcements for in hours, out of hours and holiday periods.

The number of incoming and outgoing calls for a fixed line system is limited by the number of telephone lines available - a cloud based telephone system uses your Internet connection for the calls, using voice-over-IP (VoIP).  You therefore only need one line enabled for Internet access to use the cloud based telephone system and the number of simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls is limited only by the speed of the Internet connection - usually, in excess of 10 calls are supported.

You can migrate your current telephone numbers to the Vostel platform and add additional telephone numbers to provide direct to extension/department numbers (direct dial in numbers, DDI) or out of area telephone numbers.

All Vostel contracts are on a 30 day basis, so additional extensions can be added or surrendered without penalty.  VoIP also allows you to have extensions on the same system in multiple locations anywhere in the world - only an Internet connection is needed.  And VoIP makes moving premises simple.

To make and receive calls on the cloud based telephone system you will need a VoIP telephone.  These can be a VoIP handset or a software telephone (soft 'phone) running on a PC, laptop or smart device.

Digital Workshops  supply and support a range of VoIP telephones including Cisco and Panasonic.

Please email us or ring us on (01323) 525 915 to discuss VoIP telephone systems.

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