Digital Workshops have extensive experience in supplying, installing and supporting new and reconditioned servers to protect data in both businesses and at home.

What is a Server?

A server is a dedicated machine that acts as a secure store for documents and images.  It may also run specialised software such as a mail post office for emails, a database or document filing system.

Servers prevent document duplication and make version control simple - everybody accesses the same document.  The server operating system can also provide security to make folders and documents accessible only to authorised people.

Servers protect the data that is stored on them by using redundant disks - for example, data can be mirrored across one or more disks using RAID.  If a disk fails the data remains safe and the failed disk replaced.  Using a RAID card in the server also allows the disk sub-system to be separate from the server hardware - if a critical component in the server fails, then  the RAID card and disks can be moved to another machine.

Other sub-components of a server can also be replicated - for example, a server could have two power supplies, so that if one failed, the server continues to run.

Servers also have additional components that monitor the hardware and report if anything is amiss.

Servers for Business - do I need a server?

Are you swapping files between machines on USB memory sticks?  Do you are different versions of documents on different machines?  Are your emails only accessible from one machine?  Can you log into any machine in the the office and see your own desktop, applications and files?  Do you share files between machines but access is slow?  Are you at risk from loosing data that is stored on a single disk on a PC?

A server solves all these problems, acts as a focus for your computer network making it more robust and dependable and can add additional features by running server based software such as Microsoft Share Point services or SQL databases.  The server operating system also provides security for the server, allowing you to control access to folders and documents and control the user environment of workstations on your network.  With additional software such as Microsoft Exchange, the server makes your email services more secure, enforcing email policies and allowing emails to be recovered even if they have been deleted by a user.

Further, a server can provide private cloud services using virtual private network connections, remote desktop services, virtual desktop services and support for push emails to BYOD smart devices.  With the advent of  fast broadband services, it allows you to access your data anywhere, anytime without exposing your data to faceless multi-national corporations contactable only only email.

Digital Workshops already support companies with these services in place, from businesses with single server requirements through to multi-site, multi-server organisations with remote workers.  Contact us by email or by telephone on (01323) 525 915 to discuss your requirements.

Servers for Home - protecting your digital memories

As our memories - pictures and videos - and leisure moves to be increasingly digital, it becomes more and more important to protect them.   A low cost home server can protect them in the same way as as a work server protects your business data, using mirrored disks to protect against data  loss through hardware failure.  Further, you can automate moving data from your PC's, laptops and other devices, eliminating the need to remember to move data onto the server.

Home server operating systems are available, including Microsoft Home Server and various Linux versions, which can act as multimedia servers to share music and photographs.  Make your photographs live again by using them as the screen saver on connected devices, rather than locked away.


Digital Workshops can supply and install your home server or media centre to safe-guard and enhance your digital experience. Contact us by email or by telephone on (01323) 525 915

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