Digital Workshops can provide a variety of solutions for your networking requirements, be it for a single building, a group of buildings or geographically separated sites.

A network allows resources to be shared, such as files and printers, to centralise your data and email services using a server

Structured cabling remains the most reliable and offers the fastest connection speeds for a networking solution within a single building.  A structured cable installation, where a site is flood filled with network sockets terminating at a central location  in a patch panel, will support the networking requirements for both computer and telephone equipment, as well as other devices such as HDMI  video and USB zero clients. 

For more difficult sites, such as older buildings, a combination of wireless extenders and cables can be used.  Low cost wireless extenders can also be used to increase signal strengths throughout larger building spaces such as residential homes and hotels, especially to improve access to the Internet from wireless devices such as laptops, smart 'phones and tablets.

Building to building links can be created using wireless bridges for buildings within visible range, while connections based on a site-to-site virtual private networks (VPN) over the  Internet can be used for separated sites.

VPN links can also be used for mobile and  out-workers, including voice-over-IP (VoIP) links for IP telephones joined to the companies SIP enabled telephone system.

Digital Workshops can design and install all your networking requirements for 'green field' sites or add additional network and/or telephone sockets to existing networks, at a fixed per socket price.

Please email us or ring us on (01323) 525 915 with your networking requirements.

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