Digital Workshops offer an off site back up service for our clients to protect against data loss at their premises through accidental or malicious action.

The backup is performed  automatically, usually overnight.  The backup is preformed by software running at clients premises which calculates which files have changed since the last back up and copies these files to a server at Digital Workshops via an Internet connection.  A report of the activity is then emailed, which is checked daily and action taken to resolve any anomalies. 

During the subsequent day, the data is replicated  to a further store on a daily basis, ensuring that you are not reliant on a single back up.

The service is aimed at clients who have a central store for their data, usually held on a server.  We have a one off set up charge of 60.00 ex-VAT, which covers the cost of the software we employ to back up the data and the labour to set up the service, then a charge of 12.50 ex-VAT per 25Gb of data held on our primary back up server, per month.

Data can be retrieved by secure FTP access, but is more normal for us to work with clients directly if they have a problem, as part of our commitment to service for our clients.

Please contact us by email or by telephone on (01323) 525 915 to discuss our back up service.

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